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You Don’t Have to Move to New York to Start a Hedge Fund

When investors think of hedge funds, they picture the bustling streets of New York City. They may also think of London, Chicago, or the growing community in Florida. But while many hedge funds have thrived in those locations, you don’t have to move to one of those cities in order to make it big. “Obviously the vast majority are located […]

How Much Money Does it Take to Start a Hedge Fund?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a billion dollars to get a hedge fund up and running. According to Daniel Strachman, a financial expert who serves as the Director of Research and Strategy for the GAIM Conference Series, you can start with a relatively small amount of money. “It’s reasonable to think that a group of people could get […]

How to Start a New Hedge Fund

Starting a hedge fund is much different from launching other kinds of companies. Most significantly, there is almost no chance that you will be able to start this business out of a garage. No — to get a hedge fund up and running, you need buckets and buckets of cash. “If you really wanna succeed, and you wanna manage a […]

Leading Hedge Funds Making a Case for Gold

If the actions of some of the hedge fund industry’s leading managers is any indication, the attractiveness of gold as an asset class is on the rise.  Several recent disclosures support such a conclusion.  First, a recent survey performed by London-based researcher, Moonraker, found that 20 out of 22 hedge funds had added exposure to gold bullion to their portfolios. […]

on Hedge Fund Administrators

I’ve been spending some time in LinkedIn‘s hedge fund discussion boards. I came across this interesting question regarding the recent fraud scandals and how they effect hedge fund administration firms. I’m re-posting it for the benefit of those not on LinkedIn. Here’s the question: In light of recent developments in the hedge fund industry there is an increasing demand by […]