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Stock Market Strategy: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

I must begin today’s missive with an ebullient congratulations to my good friend Blaine Bell! The wedding in Napa Valley this past weekend was beautiful, the bride radiant and the party atmosphere prodigious. While my computer did make the trip to Napa, it was used for portfolio management only. Any free time this past week was spent in the lovely […]

Stalking the Bear Part 5: The Final Installment

No need to stalk anymore, the Grizzly is now in plain sight and gorging itself on hapless bulls.  I started the ‘Stalking’ series on March 30th with the intention of raising the awareness of readers to the dangers lurking in the financial forest. From the April highs to the recent May low, the S&P500 dropped 14.6%, NASD Comp. 15.6% and the […]

Stalking the Bear – Part 4: Paw Prints are Visible

The fourth installment of this ‘Stalking the Bear’ theme brings us face to face with the devastation created by a simple swipe of a claw. If a reader has heretofore been discounting my words as mere hyperbole than I do hope yesterday’s 3% free fall will act as smelling salts. Below you will find five paw prints, I mean charts, […]

Stalking The Bear – Part 2: A History Lesson: When Equity Prices Ignore Treasury Weakness Trouble Brews

Before I begin, I’d like to make clear the purpose of this post. I am not attempting to call the top of the equity market nor am I suggesting a portfolio should be aggressively short at this time.  Take a good look at the mission statement above. These posts are designed to make you think, stay aware and avoid the […]