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Leading Hedge Funds Making a Case for Gold

If the actions of some of the hedge fund industry’s leading managers is any indication, the attractiveness of gold as an asset class is on the rise.  Several recent disclosures support such a conclusion.  First, a recent survey performed by London-based researcher, Moonraker, found that 20 out of 22 hedge funds had added exposure to gold bullion to their portfolios. […]

Long/Short Mutual Funds

  The market downturn last year has led mutual funds to begin testing new strategies to produce gains with lower risk. Many managers are trying to replicate the methods used by long/short hedge fund managers. By finding negatively correlated positions, fund managers are able to offset losses with gains from other assets in the portfolio.   “130/30” Funds “130/30” funds […]

Emerging Markets Show True Colors During Global Slowdown

Emerging markets have seen explosive growth over the past decade, but with the recent contraction in the global economy, investors have a chance to look at real growth in individual markets. There is no doubt in my mind that the boom over the past couple of years in some countries were due to insatiable investors overbuying in whatever country the […]

Five Interesting Topics on the HedgeCo Q & A Board

 The HedgeCo Q & A Board provides a forum for parties interested in the hedge fund industry to share information. Questions range from people trying to understand what makes hedge fund different from mutual funds to how to calculate complex statistics for portfolio performance. Here is a summary of five of the most popular questions.  Every industry has its excesses. […]

Market Neutral Mutual Funds

  With last year’s market-wide slump, mutual funds are trying to take a play out of the hedge fund playbook. One of the more common strategies employed by hedge-like funds is market neutrality. By taking off-setting positions in equities, fixed-income securities, options, etc., managers can eliminate market risk. Market neutrality conceptually works like this: If a fund manager believes that […]

Some Mutual Funds are Trying to Emulate Hedge Funds

Janet Paskin of the Wall Street Journal reports that mutual funds are trying to emulate hedge funds in an attempt to satisfy average investors needs in alternative fund classes. In the past, hedge funds have been the investment country clubs for wealthy investors. The average investor had no access to hedge funds because he/she was deemed too unsophisticated to research […]

Pluris Says Recent FASB Revisions Will Not Hurt Hedge Funds

Unlike the previously proposed revisions, Pluris believes the approved FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) revisions will not hurt hedge funds. The new revisions cover hedge fund transparency and diclosure issues, starting June 2009. Espen Robak, president of Pluris Valuation Advisors LLC, praised FASB, “This is great news, not only for investors but for reporting entities as well,”  Robak said.  “As […]

The third option for Hedge Funds: Increase Risk

Penny Hersher tries to analyze hedge fund ethics and how they affect regulation over on Huffington Post. There are a a couple things wrong with the assumptions that she makes, but I’ll wanted to discuss something that is taken for granted in this post. Penny assumes that the hedge fund has a high water mark and is down 20% from […]

Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence – Book Review

Informative book by Jason Scharfman on, well, pretty much everything you need to run a hedge fund, from risk management to disaster recovery, all need-to-know material for both investors and hedge fund analysts. Included are examples of past hedge fund management mistakes, showing exactly where the managers went wrong, and how to avoid downfalls such as the ‘but everyone is doing it’ excuse, among […]

[updated] Hedge World – Hedge Fund web portal closes Doors (or NOT)

Big news in the Hedge Fund world this weekend when unofficial reports filtered out of the New York Post that one of the original Hedge Fund portals plans to close its doors on August the 15th. Hedgeworld has been active since the late 1990s and has been a great source of reference both for Hedge Fund news and Fund information […]