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Gary Dorsch of GMT Explains the Jobs Report, Commercial Bankruptcies Increase, Office Vacancy 16-Year High

Gary Dorsch, editor of Global Money Trends magazine, sums up the “important” jobs news released last Friday…. …And 14-months after losing 763,000-jobs in January 2009, US-payrolls, a key driver for the bond and stock markets, rose in March for only the third time since recession struck in late 2007 as the private sector stepped up hiring at the fastest pace in almost […]

Precious Metals: A Minuscule Market, BLS Jobs Report Worthless, Obama Continues to Increase Spending, U.S. Treasury Zero-Rate Auction

The volatility of precious metals prices will continue to astound. For those requiring a courage boost, I offer the following information as succor… The Precious Metals market is minuscule – Matterhorn Asset Management The graph below shows how small the gold and silver industries and markets are in relation to major US corporations and to total world financial assets. The […]

CDO Improvement Aids Banks, Holiday Jobs Scarce, U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Set Record, Delayed Foreclosures Becoming a Problem

Positive developments in the credit markets continue to lead the equity markets higher… Liquidation of CDOs aids banks – FT FT reports billions of dollars’ worth of the complex securities at the heart of the financial crisis are being liquidated, enabling banks, insurance companies and other investors to clear toxic assets from their books. Market participants say the unwinding is […]

Hedge My Job

  It looks like the market for `financial dream jobs´ may have actually perked up amidst the financial turmoil of the past few months.  Investment managers saw a 22% increase in job offers as rival firms take advantage of the increasing number of financial services workers looking for a job by “snapping up the cream of the crop on much less than […]