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Explaining Derivatives to Michael Moore

            Documentarian Michael Moore’s latest project, Capitalism: A Love Story aimed at highlighting a number of flaws concerning the economic system upon which our country is built. In his film, Moore infiltrates Wall Street and Washington D.C. to “explore the root causes of the global economic meltdown.” In one scene, he attempts to make a citizens arrest of the AIG […]

Investment Bank Programmers on the Most Wanted List

  By now, I think most people have heard about the ex-Goldman software programmer who was arrested in July for allegedly stealing some of Goldman’s high-frequency trading software code. I am not a criminologist or legal expert, nor am I a software expert that could tell you if accidentally sending small pieces of the code while sending other software to […]

What is the difference between hedge fund capital introduction and third party marketing?

This is a re-post of the original article from Evan Rapoport’s Capital Introduction Blog I often hear the terms Capital Introduction and Third Party Marketing used interchangeably. They actually however, represent two different services within the hedge fund asset gathering space. Capital Introduction is a service usually provided by hedge fund prime brokers. The biggest teams coming from the largest […]

RCM Editorial: Is This Rally Sustainable? Goldman Sachs Gives Hints & Meredith Whitney Weighs In

The cause and durability of this equity market rally continues to be a hotly contested debate. I would like to throw my hat in the proverbial ring and offer some thoughts on durability. Every market rally – whether it be a bull market or bear market bounce – has a group that leads the move. By studying this group we […]