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News that Moves Markets: Housing Double Dip, Italy Plunge, Korean Bank Run, ECB Emergency Borrowing, NYSE Short Interest Extremely Low

Reducing the Noise: A look at the stories that really matter A quick perusal of the stories below should result in the immediate understanding of why equity markets are lower this week.  The fairly heady equity gains of Feb. have been mostly neutralized in two days. This should not be a surprise to anyone actually paying attention the the signs. From […]

A Review of the RCM Investment Strategy

I have just now ended a conversation with a long-time client and Limited Partner (LP) of our Fortune’s Favor I, LP, (FFI) fund. As I hang up the phone I begin to write. Our healthy dialogue crystallized some thoughts that demand sharing. To begin, a review of the investment strategy that guides FFI may be in order. You may witness our approach in its […]