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Nazy Massoud, a Wall Street insider, helps Traders develop their Mental Edge by Coaching and Teaching them new ways to overcome their Emotional Risk. These principles help traders to learn how to consistently make more profits. So, no matter what your trading choice is, when it comes to smart trading and more profitability, you can’t go wrong with Nazy Massoud’s advice and assistance. Learn what many others are currently practicing, and develop your Mental Edge. Start today and make Trading Success Your Habit.

The Missing Element of Your Risk Management

We all have heard about the importance of risk management and how crucial it is to our success. However, nobody really talks about all the elements of the risk management. The most talked about risk management is market risk. Then credit risk. After that, you hear about counterparty and operational risks. As a previous risk manager, I can tell you […]

7 Keys To Making Money Consistently

One of the things that I am hearing more and more these days is that traders are not making money consistently. Do you know anyone with this challenge? Do you know them intimately? So, what can you do to make money consistently? 1. Deal with your trading as a business If you think of your trading as a hobby, then […]

How Money Spells Are Impacting Your Decision Making

Yes, spells, you heard me correctly. You may wonder in this day and age, why are we talking about spells? What are spells? In today’s culture, it is called subliminal messages or going one step further, it is your own beliefs. Spells are beliefs/thoughts/actions that we follow without really knowing why. A simple example is when you go to supermarkets. […]

10 Major Reasons Traders Fail

We hear staggering statistics that approximately 95% of traders fail in their ability to consistently profit from the markets. What are the 10 major mistakes that these traders make that cost them dearly? Having no trading plan When you don’t have a plan, you don’t have a template to follow. It becomes very costly when your emotions are high and […]

How Are You Dealing With Change?

How are you feeling in the midst of all these changes? Are you calm and collected or are you overwhelmed? These times are challenging for most people. We are constantly bombarded by the negative news. We are hearing about massive layoffs day after day. We are hearing about budget deficits and turmoil in the markets. So how can we deal […]

How to Succeed in Volatile Market Conditions

These are uncertain and confusing times. Everywhere you look, any conversation you listen to, it is about the economy and its impact on our lives. We hear about deficit, raising taxes, unemployment and lack of liquidity. It is enough to make everyone enter a negative emotional spiral. How can you deal with these uncertain times? Manage Your Emotional Risk  Limit […]

How To Handle The Turbulence Of Trading

With markets being so turbulent, how are you handling your trading? These days, we are witnessing the common modes of operation: Fear and Panic. People are worried about their future. They are thinking, “How can I pay my mortgage, my children’s college expenses and what is happening to my retirement account?” The uncertainty is uncomfortable. Some feel that the devil they […]

How to Avoid Tripping Yourself Up!

Have you been in situations where you had several winning trades which were wiped out by one losing trade? Have these become a pattern? Like some of my clients, you may be saying, “I have spent hours creating my plan.” Then you start the day with every intention of following it. After a few losing trades, you lose your control […]