Coming Soon: “Reality” Hedge Fund TV

hfld-logo-346px-A hedge fund group is introducing a six part “reality” TV show called Hedge Fund Lions’ Den (HFLD).

The show will feature three “lions” or heads of the current hedge fund industry, Luke Ellis, the president of of the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund manager, Man Group; Lord Fink, philanthropist and CEO of ISAM, an alternative investment adviser; and Aberdeen Asset Management’s Andrew McCaffery.

The first episode will introduce the emerging managers who are competing for the allocation up to $25 million from each “lion” for a potential total of $75 million to one or more of the funds. The emerging managers are Christina McGuire and Gordon Eichhorst from Aperios Partners Investment Management; Neil Meadows from Laurentia Funds; and Charles-John (CJ) Donley and Robert Toffel from Strategis Capital Management.

The site itself, with roaring lions and fast paced film clips, proclaims, “Combining the best of UK TV shows Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice, HFLD pits the emerging hedge fund managers against three industry ‘lions’ who offer advice, guidance and ultimately make a decision about whether or not to invest in their fund. Each manager has just two minutes to pitch their fund.”

The show is being made exclusively for web-users. The move may be seen by some as way of tentatively advertising under the new JOB’s act, without seeming “desperate.”

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