Five Tips for Emerging Hedge Fund Managers (And One Thing to Avoid!)

Jed Alpert, Managing Director of Global Marketing at PerTrac, recently provided StreetID with his top five tips for emerging hedge fund managers:

  1. “One is focus on performance. It’s going to be the most important thing you can do. Make sure that you are performing as well or better than your peers.”
  2. “Make sure you understand what are the criteria that investors are using to evaluate you. It may be that you’re never gonna fit into a certain type of investor’s profile.”
  3. “I think you need to be cognizant of [what investors want].”
  4. “You need to be able to explain how your performance has been in both up and down markets because investors will look for that.”
  5. “Make sure they have the operational and risk-management checklist fulfilled, because everyone is concerned [about Bernie Madoff-types].”

What is the worst thing a hedge fund manager can do?

“It depends on your level of ‘worst,'” said Alpert. “The worst is fraud. Right up there is losing everyone’s money.”

“One of the things that frustrates investors is style drift,” Alpert added. “I would not categorize it as the worst thing, [but it] is an extremely frustrating thing because investors make assumptions based on what they’re told. And if they’re told something and reality is different, it makes it hard to properly construct a portfolio.”

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