FINRA’s notice on social networking sites – what it means for your firm

FINRA has recently issued guidance and Q&A on registered reps use of social networking web sites, blogs and other forms of social media. Use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes by reps falls under FINRA’s rules on communications with the public and requires policies and procedures as they apply to each firm’s recordkeeping, suitability and supervision responsibilities. A firm’s WSP should be updated accordingly, including procedures for monitoring and reviewing e-mails, content and blogs via social media.

Also see FINRA Regulatory Notice 07-59.

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  1. Chad Bockius says:

    Firms interested in learning more should check out the Companion Guide to FINRA Social Networking Compliance It picks up where Notice 10-06 leaves off, offering additional detail on social networking considerations and a checklist of requirements for choosing a social networking compliance vendor.

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