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Loan Modifications * Recession Proof * Recovery Timing

Subprime Lenders, Transformed With shady subprime-lending practices behind us, former subprime lenders have been forced to put their devious skills to work elsewhere. The complexities of loan modifications have attracted many ex-lending predators and provided them a vehicle to employ their corruption. Now no one is saying that each and every person involved in loan modification is corrupt. In that […]

The New “R” Word: Reset

The New “R” Word: Reset Over the past 18 months, we have been inundated with bleak tales of economic strife. Inevitably, the media has worn us all thin with their never-ending string of bad news. Yes, we are stuck in the thick of a very painful recession. Unemployment rates are flirting with double digits, fears of inflation are beginning to […]

Putting Money Back To Work

Mr Money – Unemployed A Slice of Real Estate Pie             Investors know that building a solid portfolio involves striking a balance between producing high returns and protecting the portfolio’s assets. The underlying factor in both of these is risk. However, our desire to manage risk does not mean we need to sacrifice high returns, and that is the beauty […]

RCM Editorial: Should Ben Bernanke Be Reappointed? And Other Questions on Bloomberg TV’s, ‘No Visibility Ahead’

RCM Comment: Today on Bloomberg TV a promotion is running urging viewers to watch the 7:00 pm show, No Visibility Ahead: Predicting What’s Next, during which a moderator will question a panel about the current economic situation and the credit crisis. This panel will include the likes of Jack Welch and Meredith Whitney. I imagine this will be an interesting […]