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Och-Ziff Hedge Fund Settles FCPA Charges
Sep 30 - (HedgeCo.Net) As we reported yesterday, The Securities and Exchange Commission today confirmed that Och-Ziff Capital Management Group has agreed to pay nearly $200 million to the SEC to settle civil charges of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices

Biotech Employee Charged With Insider Trading Ahead of Company’s Announcements About Breast Cancer Drug
Sep 30 - (HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged the former senior director of regulatory affairs for Puma Biotechnology with insider trading ahead of the company’s news announcements about its drug to treat breast cancer. The
Hedge Funds & PE Funds: Create Some Tension
By: Meyler Capital
    There is a huge swath of people within the alternative investment community that will look at the design of the page above and have an aneurysm.  And it is for that very reason that most of the marketing within our industry is lack

DITMo: What Is Missing From The Presidential Economic Debate?
By: Peter J. de Marigny
29Sep16 The candidates have released their economic plans and the expected results of their fiscal policies are the subject of great debate and analysis. The choice of which plan will produce growth finds its distinction in tax policy. One model is p

Quantitative Researcher
Numeric Investors LLC - Boston, MA
About Numeric Investors LLC
Portfolio Manager & Researcher
Numeric Investors LLC - Boston, MA
About Numeric Investors LLC
Associate Quantitative Researcher
Numeric Investors LLC - Boston, MA
About Numeric Investors LLC
Junior Business Information Analyst at Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments - Camas, Washington
- ,
Senior Partner / CIO / Director of Illiquid Investments
RueOne Investments - New York, NY
RueOne Investments is a New York based FinTech company founded by experienced hedge fund executives. We are revolutionizing the way accredited and institutional investors gain access to alternative assets.
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October 4th, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, CA

October 13th, 2016
Location: Philadelphia, PA

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    Cap Intro: Credit | Fixed Income Alte...
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    Hedgeopolis NY 2016, Metropoloton Wes...
  5. October 31st, 2016
    Super Return Private Credit, TBD


HedgeCoVest Composite Models

HedgeCoVest utilizes a proprietary algorithm that filters the securities of all participating fund managers and considers a number of factors to create the HedgeCoVest Composite Models.

Because the Replicazor is creating the HedgeCoVest Composite Models based on the dynamic portfolios of third-party fund managers, and additional managers will be added to the platform, past performance is not indicative of future performance.
Last updated: Friday 30th of September 2016 03:59:59 PM
Index Name YTD Avg. Ann. Return Correlation to S&P Std Dev
HedgeCoVest Basic Materials Long 50.39% 15.18% 0.51 26.39%
HedgeCoVest Basic Materials LS 21.72% 20.82% -0.43 14.95%
HedgeCoVest Technology Long 18.11% 6.57% 0.81 18.65%
HedgeCoVest Industrial Long 11.10% 2.31% 0.86 16.31%
HedgeCoVest Technology LS 8.87% 2.90% 0.39 7.38%
HedgeCoVest REITS Long 8.13% 2.89% 0.43 14.11%
HedgeCoVest Aerospace/Defense LS 5.42% 2.72% 0.77 11.63%
HedgeCoVest 250 Long 6.80% -2.58% 0.84 14.31%
HedgeCoVest Energy & Utilities Long 8.75% -16.55% 0.68 23.15%
HedgeCoVest Consumer Long 5.35% 5.58% 0.82 10.23%
HedgeCoVest Financials Long 3.02% 1.08% 0.86 13.56%
HedgeCoVest Industrial LS 2.14% 5.60% 0.43 4.60%
HedgeCoVest REITS LS 1.78% 0.25% 0.12 9.70%
HedgeCoVest Financials LS -0.06% 0.26% 0.8 5.30%
HedgeCoVest Consumer LS 0.15% 3.68% 0.72 4.77%
HedgeCoVest Consumer Short 0.27% 3.91% -0.62 24.80%
HedgeCoVest Energy & Utilities LS 2.09% -5.09% 0.1 7.07%
HedgeCoVest 500 LS -0.40% 1.23% 0.92 6.35%
HedgeCoVest Pharmaceuticals LS -5.42% -0.64% 0.39 10.17%
HedgeCoVest Pharmaceuticals Short -2.98% -15.39% -0.49 29.86%
HedgeCoVest Pharmaceuticals Long -8.92% 3.64% 0.6 17.82%
HedgeCoVest Biotechnology LS -14.43% -13.78% 0.2 14.23%
HedgeCoVest Technology Short -16.81% -12.78% -0.79 19.89%
HedgeCoVest 250 Short -14.12% -5.43% -0.86 16.99%
HedgeCoVest Financials Short -13.06% -6.06% -0.83 19.69%
HedgeCoVest Industrial Short -18.47% -5.88% -0.78 17.28%
HedgeCoVest Biotechnology Long -18.77% -13.18% 0.39 23.48%
HedgeCoVest Basic Materials Short -20.60% -0.45% -0.63 23.67%
HedgeCoVest Energy & Utilities Short -25.96% -5.56% -0.54 27.61%

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