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Global hedge funds back U.S. oversight of advisers

Reuters – A global hedge fund industry group backs U.S. plans to require hedge fund advisers to register with federal regulators, a move that would align U.S. rules with those in the UK. The Alternative Investment Management Association, in remarks […]

Study Finds Few Hedge Funds Pocket Mythical ‘2 and 20’

The Wall Street Journal reports that the head of the Utah Retirement System is taking a stand on what he says are unfair hedge fund fees. As the Journal reports, Utah’s Larry Powell has extracted “better fees” from 10 of […]

Hedge Funds May Fall to $1 Trillion by Mid-2009, Citigroup Says

Bloomberg – Hedge-fund assets may fall to about $1 trillion by the middle of next year, a decline of almost 50 percent from their peak in June, because of market losses and client withdrawals, Citigroup Inc. said in a report. […]