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Did Mayfair hedge funds play fair by short-selling HBOS shares?

Times Online – Why did HBOS need to be rescued by Lloyds TSB? Where should the finger of blame point? For many, the answer is clear – Mayfair. The streets of London W1 house some of the world’s biggest hedge […]

Morgan Stanley weighing possible merger

Reuters Singapore – U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley is weighing whether it should remain independent or merge with a bank, given the recent turbulence in the company’s share price, broadcaster CNBC reported on Wednesday. Morgan Stanley officials were not in […]

Hedge Funds : Another Superman Falls to Earth

CNBC – Remember Superman the movie, where Lex Luther takes away the super hero’s powers with a Kryptonite necklace? Well we’re here again. Only this time it is the financial equivalent of the man of steel – the hedge fund […]

Hopes and fears mix at hedge fund conference

Reuters UK – "Does anyone know what is happening with the markets?" former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers asked after stepping out of his car and into a hedge fund industry conference in Connecticut on Tuesday. And he wasn’t the […]

Hedge funds suffer further pain

Reuters UK – The bankruptcy filing of Lehman Brothers is another blow for the hedge fund industry, but at least the damage is limited from here for funds exposed the U.S. investment bank. Even legendary fund manager George Soros, who […]

Deutsche Borse Rejects Funds

Wall Street Journal – Deutsche Börse AG’s supervisory board reaffirmed the stock-exchange operator’s business model Friday, defying activist hedge funds that had been seeking a change in strategy after this year’s steep fall in the company’s share price. "The ongoing […]

Ausdrill blames share slump on hedge fund

News.com.au – Takeover target Ausdrill has blamed a fall in the company’s share price on hedge fund selling after comments from suitor Macmahon that its bid was unlikely to succeed. Ausdrill said that it believes selling from hedge funds accounted […]

Fairfax claims victory after broker fires analyst

Globe and Mail – Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. is claiming a victory in a long-running legal battle with U.S. hedge funds after brokerage firm Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc. revealed on Wednesday it has fired an analyst embroiled in a […]

Daimler informed of foreign hedge fund’s large share buying in company

Forbes – Daimler AG. was told last week that a foreign hedge fund is buying a large number of shares in the car maker after its share price slumped on the back of a profit warning barely two weeks ago, […]

Hedge funds’ 1bn HBOS killing

Independant- Hedge funds may have made more than £1bn from shorting shares in HBOS, whose £4bn rights issue faced intense pressure from investors betting on the share price falling. Almost 15 per cent, or about 550 million, of the bank’s […]

Vulnerable to viruses, damned by the hedge funds

Sydney Morning Herald- There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that those aggressive funds we all love to hate were responsible for the massive fall in Babcock & Brown’s share price yesterday – a fall so large it prompted […]

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