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The Murphy Mix-Up And Democrat Hedge Fund Contributions

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Democrats Susan Bysiewicz and rival Chris Murphy are in a bit of a scuffle over hedge fund contributions, the Hartford Courant reports.

Bysiewicz ran an add accusing Murphy of receiving around $700,000 in campaign contributions from financial firms, saying he has more “hedge fund money than any other Democrat in Congress.” Murphy says his primary rival’s new TV ad is based largely on false claims and hypocrisy.

The Courant reports:

Murphy’s campaign spokeswoman said the ad was untrue and hypocritical. What’s more, she said, Bysiewicz’s people got their Murphys mixed up. The top Democratic recipient of hedge fund money in Congress in 2010 was then-Rep. Scott Murphy of New York, not Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

“We did not confuse the Murphys,” Bysiewicz Campaign Manager Jonathan Ducote shot back.

Bysiewicz’s campaign manager eventually conceded in a statement, saying, “Obviously, the research team could have been a little more thorough.”

According to OpenSecrets.org, in this cycle, Murphy has taken $10,200 from hedge funds and Bysiewicz has taken $6,500, the newspaper reports. The two face an Aug. 14 primary.

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