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UCITS Hedge Fund Strategy Index Gains 0,79% in April

New York (HedgeCo.net) -After a strong performance in March the UCITS Hedge Fund Strategy Index showed no signs of weakness in the first week of April (by business day 5, April 8th 2010).

The broad index gained 0,79% as every strategy was positive, the most successful being Credit (1,99%), Global Macro (1,81%) and Convertible (1,29%). These three strategies continue to be the most successful strategies in 2010, bringing the UCITS HFS Index to a year to date performance of 3,04%.

The UCITS HFS Index Series is the first index family that tracks all UCITS funds using hedge fund strategies. The UCITS HFS Index Series includes all UCITS III funds that apply absolute return strategies, have more than €10 million ($13.5 million) of assets under management, offer at least weekly liquidity and have reported numbers for more than one month. Index tracking funds, long-only and 130/30 strategies are excluded.

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