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Peloton to liquidate $2bn hedge fund

The Australian- PELOTON Partners, the hedge fund founded in 2006 by Ron Beller, a former Goldman Sachs partner, has told investors it is being forced to liquidate a $US2 billion ($2.1 billion) fund of asset-backed securities.Beginning the liquidation process for the Peloton ABS Fund represents a massively life-threatening situation for the company, which last year was one of London’s best-performing funds.
Run by Mr Beller and Geoff Grant, another ex Goldman Sachs partner, Peloton posted an 87 per cent return last year in large part thanks to the success of its bets against sub-prime.

But the continued deterioration of the credit markets appears to have gone against the fund in recent weeks. Mr Beller and Mr Grant said they were "working night and day" to secure the future of the fund. The two managers said they had been forced to actively seek a buyer.

Speculation mounted that Citadel and GLG Partners, two rival hedge funds, were among several parties to have declared interest.

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