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New Documentary on the Financial Crisis “The Bubble”

User Contributed News – It is official! Tom Woods, a bestselling author from the New York Times is working with a team of experts to release a new documentary called ‘The Bubble’. The creators’ team includes important figures like Jim Rogers, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Doug Casey and Peter Schiff. Through this project they will be able to explain to the American society the difficulties that the United States is now facing and the remedies needed for the restoration of national prosperity.

The people of America tend to believe that it was the government that saved them during the time of the Great Depression and that it will save them again now, when this crisis has engulfed the economy. What ‘The Bubble’ features is interviews of numerous financial analysts and economists! and not just some economists but those who successfully predicted the recession and housing crisis. The people who were entrusted with dealing with this kind of situation have clearly failed to do so, as they claim nobody saw this coming before it was too late. In fact, during the last century, economists in Austria foresaw all major crashes in the United States and only they now have the power and knowledge necessary to help the US recover from the economic damage suffered. The film poses the question of what was the reason for this catastrophe to occur in the first place, how will a state of recovery be achieved and what awaits America in the long term.

On the film we will get to hear from Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Marc Faber. Peter Schiff is famous for being the Euro Pacific Capital Chief Executive Officer. An author of several books, investment broker, strategist and financial commentator, he is best known for his bullish views considering commodities and his bearish attitude towards the economy of the United States and the dollar. He is an official supporter of the Austrian School of economic thought. Jim Rogers is a famous author, investor and American businessman, Singapore being his current base. He is the Chairman of Beeland Interests and Rogers Holdings, and the creator of RICI, as well as the Quantum Fund co-founder along with George Soros. Rogers claims he is not a member of any of the economic thought schools, but his views are most similar to the philosophy of the Austrian School. Marc Faber is a famous investor and publisher from Switzerland. Mark Faber Ltd, of which he is the director, is a fund manager and an investment advisor. What Faber is probably most famous about, is the fact that he is being called Doctor Doom, due to his contrarian strategies of investment. In his interview in ‘The Bubble’, Faber claims that the global economy is in a state of rapid deceleration.

Submitter Name: Dylan Shems
Source: http://hedgejournals.com/

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