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Hedge Fund Manager Salus Alpha Launches UCITS III Commodity Arbitrage Fund

New York (HedgeCo.net) – UCITS III hedge fund manager Salus Alpha has launched a new Commodity Arbitrage fund which the company believes is an innovation both in the UCITS III and in the hedge fund world.

The investment approach of the Salus Alpha Commodity Arbitrage enables the fund to obtain returns for the investors from both Backwardation (the expiring futures contract is more expensive as the next delivery month) and Contango. The strategy commodity arbitrage tries to profit from price differences on various commodity markets or between related commodities.

The new fund invests indirectly into commodities via index derivatives such as Swaps and Futures. The fund’s portfolio consists of financial indices, e.g. the CAX – Commodity Arbitrage Index listed on the Vienna stock exchange. The Index was launched by Alternative-Index Ltd., a member of the Salus Alpha Group.

By introducing the first world wide daily liquid UCITS III hedge fund, Salus Alpha successfully established hedge fund strategies in mutual funds. Not surprisingly now Salus Alpha is the first asset manager to offer an arbitrage strategy as a UCITS III fund with daily liquidity.

Salus Alpha Commodity Arbitrage is listed on different fund platforms in Germany and Austria. Amongst others it can be found on Augsburger Aktienbank, Metzler Fund Xchange, Frankfurter Fondsbank, Fonds Depotbank, Cortal Consors, DAB, Moventum, Capital Bank and direktanlage.at.

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