Fixed Income Developer

Scott Rhodes

Rimrock Associates

914-287-0600 x508

140,000.00 - 150,000.00/yr


Experienced (non-Manager)

New York, United States of America

* Strong understanding of Murex systems and related applications
* Develop and Support Applications
* Develop and support analytical tools to support traders.

• Experience with Murex 2+ years
• Understanding of fixed income/macro financial instruments.
• Ability to translate business requirements into technical specification.
• 5+ years programming experience, at least 2+ years of Java.
• Experience in hedge fund/investment bank
• SQL development experience
Experiences Preferred:
• Development of fixed income/macro related applications.
• Development of Murex reports, trade flow processes, rules, etc.
• Development of Java services related to trade flow (FIX).
• Development of performance and P&L attribution systems.





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