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Evan Rapoport, Principal
400 Clematis St. Suite 205
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 561-835-8690
Website: http://www.hedgefundpackages/index...


The Hedge Fund Packages Expert Team specializes in consulting both existing and start-up hedge fundsOur firm is made up of a group of experienced professionals with expertise in project planning, sourcing and management. We have been dealing with thousands of hedge fund service providers over the years, and have helped many new and existing hedge funds to establish and/or successfully change their infrastructure. Our plan is simple: bring together the best providers in the industry, convince them to give us the lowest prices, then pass those savings along to our clients.Contact Us today for more information and a no obligation quote.

Rodney Laveau, Business Development
Phone: 6465187710

Ryan Byrne, Bloomberg
Phone: 212-617-1103

Jennifer Maitland, Digiterre
Phone: +44 207 381 7910

Patrick Wiley, Business Development
Phone: 917.460.0676

Fi-Tek Representative, Customer Service Representative
Phone: (732) 767 5437

Nalin Sheth, Director
Phone: 912025538298

Graham Bright, Financial Tradeware
Phone: +44 20 7493 2773

Ruben Arroyo, Hedge Funds Exchange
Phone: 312-268-5847

Adam Merritt, US Sales
Phone: 646-257-4016

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