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Job Title  Location Date Posted
UI / UX specialist needed in West Palm Beach
HedgeCo Networks
West Palm Beach, Florida Jun 27, 2014
EquityPro Capital
San Diego, California Jun 4, 2014
Structured Products & Derivatives Attorney
Sam LaManna Legal Search
New York, N.Y. Feb 10, 2016
Senior Partner / CIO / Director of Illiquid Investments
RueOne Investments
New York, NY Apr 18, 2016
Sales Consultant
Imagineer Technology Group
New York, NY Sep 24, 2014
Marketer for fund of emerging hedge funds
Shaked Capital Advisors
Miami Beach, Florida Dec 11, 2014
Intern Wanted - Hedge Fund Midtown West (Midtown West)
Midtown Hedge Fund, NYC
New York, NY Mar 3, 2015
Implementation Project Manager - BuySide OMS
FlexTrade Systems, Inc.
Great Neck, New York Jun 19, 2014
Hedge Fund/Private Equity Fund Associate
Sam LaManna Legal Search
New York, N.Y. Feb 10, 2016
Hedge Fund Analyst
Midtown Hedge Fund
New York, NY Nov 12, 2015

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