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Villazzo: A Luxurious Miami Villa for the Entertainment of Hedge Funds, Investors, and the Rich and Famous


Pool Area

by David Drake

As an avid traveler, on a quest for the ultimate destinations for the ultra-rich, I have visited several countries and stayed at countless hotels. Traveling almost always gives me the satisfying feeling of being able to experience a city or a country just by staying in its famed hotel for a few days. Recently I got the chance of experiencing another vacation destination together with the people dearest to me, my family.  This is how you travel in the hedge fund world to celebrate with your loved ones.

We recently visited Villazzo in Miami Beach, Florida. Villazzo is a luxurious rental villa that exudes the service and ambiance of a five-star hotel. My family and I stayed in the Contenta, a spectacular private villa beautifully crafted in Spanish Colonial architecture.

11,000 sq ft villa has the amenities of a hotel.

Spacious is an understatement. This 11,000 sq ft villa has the amenities of a hotel. Another thing that impressed me was the personal staff service. From the chauffeured airport pick-up to the dedicated 24/7 on call butler, they are focused on making their guests comfortable without being intrusive.

Living Room

Dining Table Piano

There are six bedrooms and a master suite equipped with the state of the art technology, a gigantic bathroom covered in elegant marble, as well as a dressing room. The master bathroom has an open centerpiece waterfall. Water splashes everywhere but it is magnificent to be able to look through two mirrors at opposite ends in the unobstructed center waterfall.

Comfort room Room

Coffee menu

Stepping out into the gardens, the villa is furnished with the vacation property “essentials”. It has a pool with a small waterfall, a jacuzzi, and a private dock overlooking South Beach.

View Pool Area

Investor and internet entrepreneur, Christian Jagodzinski, is the President and Founder of Villazzo. Villazzo has 10 properties that it manages in Miami for the ultra rich needing privacy and a 5-10 bedroom villa. It is currently the world’s only firm that provides fully employed five-star management to exclusively owned villas. Every season, new properties are meticulously screened to continue the stream of its high-quality collection. The prospective villa has to meet the Villazzo standard to be qualified. Every single aspect is evaluated including the location, amenities, furnishings and style.

Fountain Staircase

I highly enjoyed our stay in Villazzo. It is an impressive vacation destination especially for the elite travelers craving for relaxation in a stylishly luxurious setting. And of course, nothing beats traveling with my family.


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