Hedge Fund Email and Messaging Compliance

Hedge Fund Email and Messaging Compliance - Smarsh

Ken Anderson, VP/Marketing
921 SW Washington Street Suite 540
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 1-866-SMARSH1
Website: http://www.smarsh.com


Smarsh delivers cloud-based solutions for archiving an expanding list of today's digital communication mediums – including email, instant messaging, public and enterprise social media, mobile messaging, and the Web. Founded in 2001, Smarsh is the trusted archiving and compliance provider for a growing base of over 20,000 companies that rely on it to help meet regulatory compliance, e-discovery and record retention requirements. As a provider that understands the needs of hedge funds and private equity firms, Smarsh gives you the tools to implement and enforce effective electronic recordkeeping and data protection policies for hedge fund compliance and private equity compliance with SEC books and records obligations. The hosted email and message archiving platform makes it easy to: - Create a culture of compliance. Promote investor confidence with a demonstrative commitment to transparent operation, regulatory compliance and data security. - Benefit from the best practices framework and hands-on support provided to thousands of new firms registering with the SEC or encountering compliance mandates for the first time. - Locate and produce electronic communications quickly, and be prepared for SEC examinations or requests with on-demand data production. - Automatically preserve all electronic communications and store securely on tamper-proof media for their designated retention period(s). - Be prepared for E-discovery. Take a proactive approach to managing your electronic data and save your organization time and money in litigation and internal investigations. - Customize your firm’s supervision policies without technology limitations. Configure company-approved keyword lists. Automate policy enforcement and streamline compliance review procedures with systemized search criteria.

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