Hedge Fund Accounting Firms

Joseph Teel, Senior, Financial Service Auditor
Phone: 646-449-6371

Rich Fuchs, Partner
Phone: 908-766-9800

Jerry Rosenfeld, Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP
Phone: 646-471-3592

Stephen Vlasak, Director of Business Development
Phone: 303-721-6131

Aleksandr Mazo, Hedge Fund Risk Analysis and Research cloud softwa
Phone: 212-618-1660

Roger Kline, Principal
Phone: (720) 583-6778

Christopher Mears, Rothstein Kass
Phone: 973-994-6666

Ralph Natilli, Rothstein Kass
Phone: 973-994-6666

Joshua Blumenthal, Rothstein Kass
Phone: (973) 577-2230

Gus Kalliaras, Partner
Phone: 973-577-2246

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