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Any Hedge Fund firms willing to hire/ train in an apprenticeship for someone eager to learn and has impeccable research experience? Highly motivated!
Asked by Adam Hamilton

I've been researching and acquiring a great deal of knowledge since August 2007, when an acquisition and development project in the energy sector was positioned in my hands. Since then, there have been various deals in other areas I've had the opportunity to work with. My vision in future endeavors has greatly appreciated since the beginning of my research. What will it take for you to take a risk in me? I am ready to move forward.

Answer By Julie Scuderi

Hi Adam,

Please visit HedgeCoEmployment.com where you can submit your information and qualifications and a recruitment specialize with align you with the right company. Even if you have no formal training or financial background, the team there can ask around in their pool of existing contacts if anybody would be willing to take on/train someone interested in learning more about hedge funds.