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Asset managers slap health warnings on China funds in risk rethink

(Reuters) Fund managers are adding new warnings to China investment products in a bid to reduce their legal liability if regulators repeat the heavy-handed intervention in financial markets that rattled investors globally. Hedge funds, asset managers and exchange traded fund […]

Once a Hedge Fund Favorite, SunEdison Has a Long Climb Out of Its Current Hole

(Motley Fool) The rise and fall of SunEdison is one of the stranger stories in renewable energy recently. Formerly known as MEMC Electronic Materials , SunEdison jettisoned its floundering semiconductor business after the solar industry collapsed in 2012 and made […]

No Escape for China Hedge Funds Overwhelmed by Stocks Crash

(Bloomberg) It’s about to get even uglier for China’s hedge funds.The newfangled industry, short on expertise and ways to protect itself from market declines, has seen almost 1,300 funds liquidate amid China’s $5 trillion stocks selloff, and a similar number […]

Harbour Hedge Fund Gains 11% in August Betting on Unloved Stocks

(Bloomberg) – One Hong Kong-based based hedge fund returned 11 percent in August after bets on unpopular stocks paid off, as Asia-focused peers had the worst month in more than three years. Last month’s returns extended the gain by Harbour […]

Asia’s Steadiest Hedge Fund Had August Gain for Perfect Record

(Bloomberg) The LH Asian Trade Finance Fund’s strategy of lending to commodity companies helped the hedge fund post the lowest price swings among peers in Asia and led to a gain in August, even as stocks, bonds and raw materials […]

SEC Charges NY Firm Over Misleading Barnes & Noble Offer

(Reuters) A little-known New York City investment firm and its owner were charged with fraud on Thursday by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for issuing a misleading press release announcing their offer to buy 51 percent of Barnes & […]

Puerto Rico’s Biggest Hedge Fund Creditor Group Said to Disband

(Bloomberg) A group of hedge funds holding $5.2 billion of Puerto Rico debt disbanded as creditors prepare for talks to restructure the island’s obligations in smaller alliances, said two people with knowledge of the matter. The group, which counted more […]

A Big Bet That China’s Currency Will Devalue Further

(New York Times) When Mark L. Hart III, a hedge fund investor based in Texas, makes an investment bet, he does it in the style of his home state: big time. Since 2007, his winners have included high-risk, high-return wagers […]

Hao Capital hedge fund doubles investor money with China bets

(Reuters) Hao Capital, a small hedge fund specializing in Chinese stocks, has done something nearly unheard of in this year’s up-and-down market: doubling investors’ money. The 1-year-old fund has posted a 97.8 percent year-to-date gain resulting from long positions on […]

The 20 Biggest Hedge Funds in The World

(The Business Insider) Hedge funds are a huge force in the financial world but they’re not always the most transparent. Below is a list of the 20 largest hedge funds by gross assets covered by data compiler Graypools. The figures […]

Hedge Funds Are Most Short The S&P 500 In Four Years

(Benzinga) In a report issued earlier this week, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts Jue Xiong and Stephen Suttmeier looked into the hedge fund world. They assure that large speculators are most short the S&P 500 since November of 2011. […]

China’s biggest quant fund launch raised $3bn in one day

(Hedgefund Intelligence) Beijing-based Harvest Fund Management, a joint venture between Deutsche Bank and state-owned Harvest Group of Companies, raised a staggering CNY16.6 billion (about $3 billion) in just one day in June for its quant-focused Harvest Event-Driven Fund.This makes it […]

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