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Hedge Fund Heroes May Lose at BEA

(Bloomberg) Bank of East Asia investors are treading on thin ice. The last big independent Hong Kong bank refuses to be sold, even as its operating performance is slowly crushed. Shareholders face whiplash if Elliott Management, the activist firm urging […]

Hedge Funds Resume Selling in Ags, Led by Corn, Cotton, Hogs

(Agrimoney.com) Hedge funds returned to a bearish bias on ags – although not by much, as improved sentiment towards cocoa and wheat prices offset some of the impact of data-fuelled sales in corn and cotton. Managed money, a proxy for […]

Hedge Funds Eye Japan Stocks Again After Mauling by Wrong-Way Yen Bets

(Reuters) Japan-focused hedge funds may be ready to start nibbling at Tokyo shares again after suffering losses earlier this year by betting on a weaker yen.Though the outlook for the yen remains as murky as ever ahead of Bank of […]

Top Firm Scraps Bonuses, Says Can Lead to ‘Wrong Behaviors

(HITC Business) One of the U.K.’s best-known fund managers has scrapped bonuses at his investment management firm, saying there is little correlation between bonuses and performance. Woodford Investment Management, founded by star stock-picker Neil Woodford, said Monday that it had […]

Remember Inflation Risk?

(Harvest) I recently was giving a presentation on the various risks stalking global markets, speaking from a list in a PowerPoint deck. Included were the usual suspects: negative growth shocks, China, commodity prices, over-aggressive action by the Fed, the strong […]

Tudor Demands Top Traders Take More Risk in Hedge Fund Shakeup

(Bloomberg) Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, who’s facing his worst performance since the global financial crisis, wants to show investors he hasn’t lost his mojo. Jones, the legendary macro trader, boosted the amount of money he’s managing, including borrowed capital, to […]

Barclay Hedge Fund Index up 1.99 per cent in July

(Hedgeweek) Hedge funds gained 1.99 per cent in July, according to the Barclay Hedge Fund Index compiled by BarclayHedge. Year to date, the index is up 2.66 per cent. “The confluence of post-Brexit central bank accommodation, positive Q2 earnings, and […]

Hedge Fund Managers are Waiting For The World to Change

(The Business Insider) Hedge fund managers seem to be waiting for the world to change. It’s well known at this point that these funds are having a tough time of it. They’ve returned about 3% this year on average, according […]

Why All the Fun Is Going Out of Hedge Funds

(Bloomberg) One attorney who specializes in hedge funds told me that private-placement memorandums and a hedge fund’s founding documents typically contained boilerplate language that used to give the fund a lot of discretion regarding expenses and fees. So long as […]

Inside the Secretive US Hedge Fund Stalking British Companies

(The Telegraph) The UK is a particularly attractive destination for activists, he adds. Unlike in continental Europe, many British companies have dispersed shareholder registers, making it easier for funds to build stakes and push for change. Policymakers also increasingly want […]

How This Hedge Fund Robot Outsmarted Its Human Master

(Bloomberg) Yoshinori Nomura felt like weeping. It was the morning of June 24, Brexit day, and markets were moving against him. Well, not against him, exactly. It was the hedge fund manager’s self-learning computer program that had placed the bet, […]

The World’s Biggest Bond Traders Are on a Negative Yield Binge

(Bloomberg) It might be considered absurd, if not for the unprecedented contortions in global financial markets. Pacific Investment Management Co.’s largest international bond fund and China are piling into negative-yielding Japanese debt, buying securities that pay out less than the […]

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