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Machines Lead Hedge Fund Winners in Brexit Chaos as Braga Gains

(Bloomberg) As more details emerged on how hedge funds fared following Britain’s surprise decision to leave the European Union, computer-driven funds led the winners. Human traders appeared to have limited losses by reducing risk. Lynx Asset Management, which uses mathematical […]

Hedge Funds’ Brexit Pain

(Bloomberg) Hedge fund managers won’t admit it, but they live for the quarter. While some of the bigger firms update clients more often, regular outfits provide an update four times a year, after which investors often decide to redeem their […]

A Brief Take on Brexit and Emerging Markets

(Harvest) Financial markets around the world this week are reeling a post-Brexit hangover. The United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union (EU), leaving many investors surprised, including me. I had believed the negatives of the United Kingdom leaving […]

Where to Find Opportunities in a Post-Brexit World

(Harvest) Last week’s British vote to exit the European Union (EU) has spurred a flight to perceived safety and left many investors asking where to find opportunities amid indiscriminate selling of global risk assets. This week’s chart helps explains where […]

Soros Wagered Deutsche Bank Would Drop in Brexit Turmoil

(Bloomberg) Soros Fund Management took a short position in Deutsche Bank AG of about 7 million shares as turmoil from the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union sent bank stocks lower. The position taken on Friday was equivalent to […]

Brexit: What Happens Next?

(Harvest) Well, they did it. Brits have voted to leave the European Union. Now what? I wrote last month that Brexit could take a wrecking ball to your portfolio. And judging by the carnage in the markets last night and […]

Baring Asset Management Launches New Multi-Asset L/S Fund

(FinAlternatives) Although unfortunately timed to coincide with the Brexit referendum, Baring Asset Management has announced the launch of a new multi-asset UCITS-compliant long/short fund aimed at identifying both relative and absolute value opportunities. The new Dynamic Absolute Return fund was […]

Tactical Investing With Joe Childrey of Probabilities Fund Management

(Daily Alts) Strategic Investor Radio Charley WrightIn this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, host Charley Wright interviews Joe Childrey. Mr. Childrey is the CEO and founder of Probabilities Fund Management, and a three-time guest of the show. Conventional wisdom teaches […]

JD.com Loses Luster as Hedge Funds Backpedal Amid Slowing Growth

(Bloomberg) JD.com Inc., the Chinese online retailer that a year ago was a favorite among hedge fund managers including Tiger Management LLC’s Julian Robertson, is quickly losing its allure. The U.S.-traded stock has plunged 37 percent this year, wiping out […]

Brexit more heartburn than heart attack for hedge funds

(Reuters) UK voters’ surprise decision to leave the European Union roiled markets on Friday, but hedge funds appear to have avoided crippling losses, according to market data and people familiar with fund performance. Money managers were positioned relatively defensively coming […]

Brexit Vote Likely to Put Fed Interest Rate Hikes on Hold

(FinAlternatives) Britain’s shock decision to leave the European Union will have far-reaching consequences for the global economy, but in the short term a major consequence is an almost certain delay in the pace of monetary policy normalization in the United […]

Brexit Winners Emerge in Hedge-Fund Community Amid Market Chaos

(Bloomberg) Hours after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union sparked mayhem across global financial markets, a handful of prescient investors began to emerge as big winners. Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, an advocate of a British exit, gained more […]

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