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Hedge Fund Manager Made $1.5 Billion for Investors This Year

New York (HedgeCo.net) – In a year where many of the mainstream headlines regarding hedge funds have focused on fund closures and poor performance from some of the more well-known hedge fund managers, it is nice to see some positive […]

Lansdowne Partners Seeing Success Across Three Funds

New York (HedgeCo.net) – In a year where very little has worked in the investment world, having three different funds with double-digit gains is very impressive and that is exactly what Lansdowne Partners has seen happen thus far in 2015. […]

In Volatile Year for Biotech, Biotech Hedge Fund Delivers Impressive Gain

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The biotech sector has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride in 2015 with the sector rising, then falling and then bouncing back, but that hasn’t kept one biotech-focused hedge fund from delivering an impressive […]

Activist Investing Has Come A Long Way In 30 Years

New York (HedgeCo.net) – In the 80s and 90s, people didn’t use the term activist investor, they called them corporate raiders and their tactics deserved the harsher moniker. The industry was so intriguing that inspired a number of movies such […]

Crowded Trades Trouble Hedge Fund Industry in 2015

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The hedge fund industry as a whole has not had the kind of year they would have liked in 2015. With the stock market soaring in 2013 and 2014, some investors were already questioning the need […]

November Asset Flow Report Shows Investors Adding to Hedge Fund Allocations

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The latest monthly hedge fund asset flow report from eVestment was released last week and the results show that investors added to their hedge fund holdings in November. According to the report, total hedge fund assets […]

Computer-Based Funds Biggest Beneficiaries of Oil Decline

New York (HedgeCo.net) – One of the biggest stories in the financial world for 2015 has been the huge decline in oil prices. Consumers have benefitted with the lowest gas prices in decades, but the consumers gain has been a […]

The Energy Stocks that Have Hurt Hedge Funds the Most

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Declining oil prices have hurt the energy sector for almost a year and a half now as crude has fallen from $107.50 a barrel to below $35 a barrel last week. The bear market in oil […]

December Forward Redemption Indicator Up from November

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator came in at 4.98% for December which is an increase from the 4.9% reading in November. SS&C released the information in a press release on Monday. “SS&C GlobeOp’s Forward Redemption […]

Carlyle Group Faces Massive Redemption Requests at Claren Road

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Carlyle Group’s Claren Road Asset management is seeing an incredible amount of redemption requests in the second half of 2015. The firm saw almost $2 billion in redemption requests in the third quarter and now they […]

KPMG Paper: Accessing hedge funds through managed accounts: The future is now.

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Professional services company and auditing firm KPMG recently issued a special publication entitled Accessing hedge funds through managed accounts: The future is now. The publication noted that the hedge fund industry in seeing an increased focus […]

Tough Year Doesn’t Deter Investors Seeking Non-Correlated Returns

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The year 2015 has been one that most hedge fund managers would like to forget. Several well-known funds are looking at posting their worst performance numbers ever or at least their worst in a number of […]

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