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European Hedge Fund Awards 2010

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Swedish independent investment management firm Merrant Fund Management has won the title of; “Best New Fund of Hedge Funds” for their Merrant Alpha Select Fund at the European Hedge Fund Review award 2010.

“It’s very satisfying to see that Merrant’s market neutral strategy is validated as one of the leaders in the hedge fund Industry.” Ulf Sedig, CEO and portfolio manager, said, “Our fund is ideal for investors whom seek high risk adjusted return and pure Alpha without increasing the risk in their existing portfolios.”

Merrant Alpha Select is a market neutral fund with an unbroken track-record of positive returns since launch August 2009, with extremely low risk, high consistency and high risk adjusted return. The fund of hedge funds has performed 7,4% in 2010, with a standard deviation of just 1,8% and a Sharpe ratio of 4,3. The fund is totally uncorrelated with global equity and bond markets, and has achieved 100% positive months and 88% positive weeks since launch.

Merrant’s managed and advised fund of hedge funds are denominated in USD and domiciled in Sweden.

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