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Hedge fund vet Frank Meyer shares recollection and outlook

Opalesque – Veteran hedge fund manager Frank Meyer recounts the industry as it was in the late 1960s and predicts a mounting predicament in the cost of regulations. He also foresees investor representation for separate accounts and deep-pocketed institutions taking on the role and the liability of administrator. in place of managers.

Frank C. Meyer, co-founder of U.S.-based Galaxie Financial Group LLC, took the audience back to the hedge fund world of the late 60s in the U.S. during the recent Gaim Ops conference in Geneva (organised by ICBI).

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One Response to Hedge fund vet Frank Meyer shares recollection and outlook

  1. Myriam Stephens says:

    Hi Frank!
    Saw your name in Hedge Fund News and couldn’t resist going down memory lane…I know you don’t remember me. We met when I was the CFO at (Leo) Mandrakos Capital Management in NYC. You allocated funds to us back in the early 80’s when there were approximately 40 hedge funds in existence. Of course you are legendary and your name is tattooed in my brain, where at this stage of the game I don’t remember many names who I met throughout my 4 decades in the hedge fund industry. Just a friendly “hello” and I admire you for still going strong. Next time you need another pioneer to go down memory lane, send me an e-mail. This industry has changed profoundly from those early times.
    Best wishes,
    Myriam B. Stephens
    (hedge fund pioneer – I guess that means old!)

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