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New York Hedge Fund Manager Buys Florida Panthers For $240 Million

227px-Florida_Panthers.svgNew York (HedgeCo.Net) The CEO and founder of New York hedge fund Virtu Financial, an electronic trading firm with offices in the U.S., Singapore and Ireland, has bought the Florida Panthers for $240 million, according to sources.

“We understand that the fans are the be all and end all,” Viola said. “We are committed to provide the resources to the Florida Panthers necessary to win a Stanley Cup.” Viola and his wife are planning a move down to south Florida.

Vincent Viola is the former chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange and used to be a minority owner of the New Jersey Nets before the franchise moved to Brooklyn.

“We understand the privilege of the stewardship that ownership of a sports franchise really means,” Viola said. “We don’t really own anything. The players sweat, sacrifice their health in later years to do well on the ice, to provide the right feeling and connection to the fans. It’s about the players and the fans and our service to those two respective groups that will determine our success. I really, truly believe that.” Viola is also a prominent philanthropist.

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