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Live Update: US Public Tired Of Analysts/Hedge Funds, Start Wall St. Occupation Revolt

Just in (EST):

5:28 Wall St. Protesters Say They’re Settled In (ABC)

5:22  Livestream (hmm, patchy and a bit biased) by AnonOps @anonops

2:44 Police put Wall Street under lockdown after reading plans on Twitter

2:35 Protesters Gather For Demonstration Modeled On Arab Spring

10:43 Mayor Bloomberg saw it coming

“The public is not happy,” he said. “The public knows there is something wrong in this country, and there is. The bottom line is that they’re upset.”

9:30  Occupy Wall Street protest is an omen of future action against corporate greed

9:16 Wall Street Cordoned Off Again as Ranks of Protesters Dwindle

8:59 Police block ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters via @RawStory

8:36 Cops block Wall Street protesters

7:44 Bloomberg  Protesters Converge on Lower Manhattan, Plan ‘Occupation’

7:13 Police stop 700 US ‘Indigados’ marching towards Wall St.

4:26 NYT reports

4:00 CNN finally reports

3:04 ABC reports

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Wall Street has turned into a campground, according to eye witness reports, people have gathered to peacefully protest the double tax standard, hedge fund bonuses and the $300 million underwater cable being laid between London and New York to speed up financial transactions by 6 milliseconds, among other things.

Not widely reported in the news, for fear of a larger gathering, the milling protesters say they may camp out on Wall Street, “for up to a month.”

Protesters have gone as far as to place a small stuffed bunny rabbit on the hood of a police car.  Some slogans include: “feed the poor, eat the rich”. Also; “The system is going to collapse,” a voice blasted through megaphone, “we are here to make it collapse faster.”

“The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99 Percent that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the one percent,” said a statement on the website Occupy Wall Street. The movement was launched by the online magazine Adbusters in July.

There is a Al Jazeera stream of the mellow protest available here. According to Twitter, the riot police are closing in.

Photo gallery.

10 Questions (awkward) from Politics and Computers

Coverage from India:  Economic Times

From New Jersey

From yesterday

Wall Street protesters awaken after night in park via @Storyful

Latest protest Vid

See the inspiration.

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5 Responses to Live Update: US Public Tired Of Analysts/Hedge Funds, Start Wall St. Occupation Revolt

  1. Parag says:

    At last, US is getting a taste of their own medicine.

  2. Marc G. says:

    They can protest all they like. They have no voice and no one is listening. In a week they will be completely forgotten, and life goes on.

  3. SAZ says:

    If a tree falls in the forest and not one is around, does it make a noise?

    if a million people protest peacefully, and it isn’t given more than 10 seconds on main-stream media, did it happen? Did it make a difference? Sadly no…

  4. Worker says:

    These Losers have nothing better to do than camp out on Wal Street for up to a month? They probably collect checks from the government professionally. Gotto love Socialists. Their system can’t possibly work because the ones who propose it don’t.

  5. Ghassan says:

    I’m happy that finally something gets sense in this rather clumsy world that we made, and I think the corrupt current system is going to collapse itself anyway, as we humans made it; it’s unsustanable, and cannot take humanity to the next level at all unless you consider World War as a “next level”.

    The corrupt nature of this system is taking it down and down evantually. and yes together we can make it happen fox…

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