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Cerberus dismisses talk of fund defaults

The Washingtom Post – Cerberus Capital Management LP on Tuesday dismissed market speculation that some of its hedge funds, which have suffered losses and heavy redemptions, are in danger of default.

Traders in London and Frankfurt were buzzing with talk that a major hedge fund was headed for default. Much of the talk was directed at Cerberus, a private equity and hedge fund firm hit hard by losses on investments in Chrysler and GMAC.

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2 Responses to Cerberus dismisses talk of fund defaults

  1. johncpeace says:

    Accounting software will play a large role in the future as we look into the tracking of finance, typically some funds have used less auditable tracking software and now more than ever- we need a true audit trail.

  2. John, do you think that there should be regulations which enforce the auditing/accounting?

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