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Bruce H. Lipnick to Speak at the Summer NYC VC & Angel Conference

3481171-13412388517678695-Bruce-LipnickNew York (HedgeCo.Net) – The Soho Loft and VC and Angel Network FundingPost have invited Bruce H. Lipnick, CEO and Founder of Asset Alliance Corporation, CrowdAlliance and Ver-On-Demand to speak in a Crowdfunding Panel at the Summer NYC Venture Capital & Angel Conference. The event will be held on Thursday, August 7th 2014 from 2 – 6pm at La Marina.

CrowdAlliance, part of the Asset Alliance group of companies, designed and launched a state-of-the-art technology platform for issuers and accredited investors in April 2014. The CrowdAlliance platform enables accredited investors and issuers to meet and interact in a unique online marketplace. Industries and sectors on CrowdAlliance may include Technology, Health and Wellness, Restaurant Services, Media/Entertainment, Real Estate and Consumer Goods.

The conference will showcase some of the newest early-stage venture funds & angel groups in the NYC area. The panels of seasoned and newer investors will focus on Early-Stage Venture Investing: How to meet investors, pitch them, and what it really takes to get them to write you a check. Additionally panelists will discuss trends in Early-Stage Investing, hot sectors, sectors that these Angels and VCs look at, things that are most important to them when they are considering an Investment, the best and worst things an entrepreneur can do to get their attention, additional advice for entrepreneurs, and, of course, the best ways to reach these and other Investors.

“I am very excited to be participating in another industry conference presented by The Soho Loft and FundingPost. Educating investors and entrepreneurs about the new crowdfunding segment of the venture capital and angel space is vital to the expansion and adoption of this new capital raising innovation.” – Bruce Lipnick

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