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Soros serves as warning to mutual-fund investors

MarketWatch – There was a lot of speculation this week about the reasons why legendary money manager George Soros is shutting down his hedge fund and sending investors their money back.

Some said the 80-year-old Soros — who has run the Quantum hedge funds since the late 1960s — doesn’t want to face the heightened regulation of hedge funds that’s part of the Dodd-Frank legislation. Others suggest he wants to focus on his philanthropic and political causes, and still others suggest he is protecting his investment legacy, because Soros’s record is no better than average in highly turbulent market conditions.

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One Response to Soros serves as warning to mutual-fund investors

  1. Marc Morgenthaler says:

    If he is leaving because of enhanced regulation to go and dedicate more of his time to political causes… that would amount to the grandest of dualities I have heard in a long time. His politics identically align with the very policies that ushered in Dodd-Frank type regulation. If he dedicates more of his “money”, I mean time, in that direction, I’ll leave the industry also, probably to seek a position in government as that is sure to grow with him entering political causes full time.

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