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NY Times College Sex Story Inspires Hedge Fund Manager To Offer Biting Dating Advice

Gothamist – We live in a world of consequences: if enough people can’t stop talking about Sharknado on Twitter, we get Sharknado 2: NYC Boogaloo immediately greenlit. And if the NY Times is going to continue to publish 4,800 word Style section treatises that took five months of work to conclude that college women (at one particular Ivy League university) enjoy casual sex in the year 2013, then they deserve to be made fun of by master troll Katie Roiphe. The only people remotely surprised by (or interested in) the content of the Times’ story seem to be the “Morning Joe” crew and some monocle-dropping parents. One of those parents happens to be Whitney Tilson, a millionaire hedge funder who put his semi-violent response to the “horrifying” story online for all to see.

Tilson, the founder of Kase Capital, was particularly shocked by a section of the patronizing abomination in which one young woman recounts a particular sexual encounter (one which hedged on the phrase, “get down on your knees”). He wrote a fired-up blog post about it, imploring his three daughters to “bite it” if it came to that.

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