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Individual Investors Get First Time Access To Hedge Fund Data

Press release – HedgeChatter.com, an online service that allows everyday investors to make investment decisions based on the latest social media data, announces launch byAtlanta, GA based Soktino Dynamics LLC.

“Hedge Funds and Wealth Management Brokerage Firms have begun implementing social media stock data into their overall trading strategies to capitalize on this lucrative insight. Their results have been staggering. Individual investors also need access to this high level information in order to compete which is exactly what HedgeChatter.com aims to provide,” said James Ross Co-Founder of HedgeChatter.com.

A recent poll stated one of the biggest challenges facing investors today is the ability to correctly comprehend the exponential amount of online data being generated on a daily basis. Investors need to be able to instantly conclude what’s being said about stocks, who’s influencing it, and where the stock price is potentially headed to make a profit.

“As the rapid acceleration of financial chat messages, through social media and other sources continues to expand globally, traders and investors will come to rely on software which provide clarity, understanding, and a leg up on the markets,” said Ross.

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