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CFO Survey: Increased Optimism For U.S. Economy and Hiring But Serious Inflation Concerns

New York (HedgeCo.net) – In a national survey of U.S. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior comptrollers conducted by global audit, tax and advisory organization Grant Thornton LLP, there is growing optimism about the U.S. economy as 48% say it will improve over the next six months (up from 30% six months earlier).

However, concern grows over inflation, as 50% say their company intends to raise prices for its goods, up from 31% six months earlier and 24% one year ago.

While still tepid, 39% intend to increase head count (up from 28% six months earlier), and 54% are optimistic about their own company over the next six months (up from 46%).

Regarding the Japan disaster, 94% say it will impact the U.S. economy and the majority believes that Japan will not fully recover for at most 3-5 years.

Grant Thornton LLP conducted the biannual national survey from March 22 through April 6, 2011, with 318 U.S. CFOs and senior comptrollers participating.

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