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Credit Suisse CSLAB: Hedge Funds Finished Up 1.49% In February.

imagesNew York (HedgeCo.Net) –  The Credit Suisse LAB Index was up 1.49% in February according to Dr. Jordan Drachman, Head of Alternative Beta Strategies at Credit Suisse.

Dr. Drachman noted, “The Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Index (“CSLAB”), which aims to reflect the performance of the overall hedge fund industry, finished up 1.49% in February. The Event Driven strategy was the strongest performer for the month, finishing up 2.29% in February, and the strongest performing strategy year-to-date, returning 2.47%.”

Performance for the LAB indices is shown below. Research, performance, descriptions, statistics and downloadable index performance history can be found online at www.credit-suisse.com/lab.

Feb 2014 Jan 2014 YTD 2014
Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Index 1.49% -0.94% 0.54%
Credit Suisse Event Driven Liquid Index 2.29% 0.18% 2.47%
Credit Suisse Global Strategies Liquid Index 1.18% -1.18% -0.01%
Credit Suisse Long/Short Liquid Index 1.46% -1.76% -0.33%
Credit Suisse Merger Arbitrage Liquid Index 1.34% -0.92% 0.41%
Credit Suisse Managed Futures Liquid Index -0.40% -3.45% -3.83%

The LAB series of indices replicates the aggregate return profiles of hedge fund strategies using liquid, tradable instruments. LAB indices are priced daily and constructed using an objective and transparent rules-based methodology, making them ideal candidates for index-linked products.

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