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Hedge Fund Events: High Frequency Trading World Chicago 2011

New York – High frequency trading (HFT) has permeated the financial community. This phenomenon is no longer under the radar as HFT firms are rapidly springing up. With 2010 reporting a national equity trading volume of over 70% done by HFTs, the evolution of the market is taking place before our eyes.

Over 300 prop traders, hedge funds, asset managers and other key decision makers at the forefront of the trading community will be meeting in Chicago on June 27-29 at High Frequency Trading World Chicago 2011. Key speakers include Arzhang Kamarei, Partner of Tradeworx, Peter Nabicht, CTO of Allston Trading, Graeme Burnett, CTO of Celeritas Markets, and Dr. David Andre, CEO of Cerebellum Capital, Inc.

This event is designed to help US prop firms and hedge funds discovery the most cutting-edge strategy and technology, network with other firms to discuss successes and challenges and establish relationships with experts and pioneers in the broader quant universe (this event is co-located with Quant Invest Chicago 2011).

Participants will learn:
How to adapt pivotal new evidence of why stock markets are highly inefficient and the implications for risk and return
How to review futures, options, interest rates and FX in HFT
How to identify and address risk factors in your business model
How to balance latency, data access and energy in your trading model
How to really generate alpha from HFT

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