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HedgeHarbor study shows interest in Emerging Hedge Funds spiked in 2011

HedgeCo.Net (New York) – Hedgeharbor Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Asset Alliance Corporation that specializes in investment placement services to institutional investors and high net worth individuals, has recently completed their Annual Global Investor Survey.

Survey questions address such topics as: favored investment strategies, anticipated future performance of certain strategies, track record and AUM requirements, methods of access, as well as various analytical factors that are most highly regarded throughout the due diligence process.

The increasing appeal of smaller emerging managers over last year is quite evident. The percentage of investors that were willing to look at managers with less than $25 million in AUM doubled from 15% to 30% between 2010 and 2011.

Evan Rapoport, CEO of HedgeCo Networks a hedge fund firm which tracks over 7000 hedge funds voice his opinion, which concurs with the findings of this study. “We have continuously seen an increased number of allocations to emerging hedge funds over the last 10 years.” Evan Rapoport said “Our data shows that emerging funds outperform their more established counterparts by 3-5% per annum. Therefore it only makes sense that the appetite for these funds will continue to grow.”

When asked which single-manage strategies investors find most interesting, traditional hedge fund strategies such as Equity Long / Short, Event Driven & Market Neutral came to the fore. Convertible Arb, Global Macro & Distressed Debt strategies saw a decline in interest from 2010.

“Despite a difficult market environment in 2011, investors remain resilient in their convictions that alternatives will outperform in 2012” said Arnold Mintz, President of Asset Alliance and Global Head of Hedgeharbor, “Market challenges, however, underscore the need to engage investors with a solutions-based approach that emphasizes finding managers who not only have investment expertise and stellar track records, but also the infrastructure and capabilities to serve the changing needs and requirements of investors.”

Hedgeharbor has made the results of their survey available free of charge via their website http://www.hedgeharbor.com/survey

Aaron Wormus

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