New Hedge Funds : Gemini investments strategies' new hedge funds use convertible arbitrage strategy
  New Hedge Funds - Gemini investments strategies

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Gemini Investments Strategies Launches New Hedge funds

The New Jersey based Gemini Investment Strategies has unveiled new hedge funds; according to a new statement released by the firm. The new hedge fund, utilizing convertible arbitrage strategy requires a minimum investment of $1million.

Speaking about the new hedge fund, Steven Winters, a co-founder of Gemini Investment Strategies disclosed that the Gemini Master Fund is aimed at US domestic market, however an offshore version of the fund; the Gemini Overseas Fund Ltd. is available for overseas offshore investors.

About Gemini Investment Strategies

The Gemini Investment Strategies focuses on Capital Structure Arbitrage, according to Winters, “Gemini’s investment philosophy is to provide investors with low volatility and consistent rates of return without having to deploy significant leverage”. Gemini Investment Strategies was founded by Winters and Richard Yakomin; both individuals worked in a capacity of portfolio managers at Palladin Group an asset management firm based in New Jersey.

While at Palladin Winters managed a $250 million investment portfolio utilizing several hedge fund strategies including convertible arbitrage strategies, multi and event driven strategies. Yakomin also oversaw a $250 million investment management vehicle specializing in convertible arbitrage strategy. Winters said, “We felt we had a unique way to look at investment opportunities and our skills are well-suited towards institutional investors,"

Convertible Arbitrage in 2004

Hedge fund industry analysts predict that convertible arbitrage strategies would do well in 2004, as global markets continue to recover from past economic declines. Moreover as capital expenditures pick up, businesses are expected to expand, and such expansion would necessitate new capital and borrowing, leading to increased activity in bond issues. Many of the new hedge fund products coming to the market are geared to take advantage of the recovery going on in the global equity markets.

Paul Oranika

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