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Specs & Rates

Banner advertising on HedgeCo.Net can be purchased on either a CPM basis and can also be purchases on a flat monthly rate. Below is an explanation of CPM pricing for marketers that aren’t as familiar with the pricing model. Please contact us for flat rate pricing.
Cost per thousand (CPM) is one of the most commonly used bench marks in the advertising industry. This payment model is when advertisers pays for every 1000 impressions of their advertisement. This is an ideal method of payment for advertisers who want to guarantee only the number of people who see their banner. The "M" in CPM is from the Roman numeral for 1000. The Roman numeral M was derived from the Latin word "mille" meaning "thousand".

CPM is one of the most commonly used bench marks in the advertising industry and is not only used online, but in radio, TV and other forms of advertising.

Banner Advertisements

Wide Skyscraper - (160 x 600 pixels)
The Skyscraper is a vertical banner ad located on multiple pages of HedgeCo.Net as well as section index pages for high visibility and content targeting. The Skyscraper is one of the largest ad sizes available, offering ample space to deliver a powerful and creative message. The Skyscraper is tall and remains in front of the reader while they scroll down the page to read the stories.
$60 CPM (Run-Of-Network)

Large Rectangle (300 X 250)
The Large Rectangle is perfect for advertisers who wish to be front and center. This ad is placed smack in the center of the web page, with the website text wrapped around the outside of the rectangle. This is perfect for advertisers who wish to present an aesthetic or eye-catching display while gaining the highest possible visibility.
$80 CPM (Run-Of-Network)

Leaderboard - (728 X 90)
The Leaderboard is the large banner ad that appears at the top of the page. It is especially suitable for horizontal animations. Because of the range of large type-face, the Leaderboard best presents buzz-words, credit-lines or slogans. The visitor's attention will be immediately caught, even before they look at the rest of the page. Once a user focuses on the advert, it is easy for the rest of the message to be conveyed. Screen sizes are easy to apply in rich-media (for example, games, streaming video and forms). The large size portrays a clear message in seconds and gives the advertiser the best possible scenario of picture and text.

$65 CPM (Run-Of-Network)

Large Panel (250 x 250 pixels)
The Large Panel is a square sized ads designed and used in many online advertising programs. They can be among the most widely used web banners due to their numerous advantages and positive aspects. These ads allow for very high quality pictures and background images. In addition, the 250x250 ad will showcase your regular advertising messages, aiding in the branding of your product.
$50 CPM (Run-Of-Network)