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Banner Advertising

HedgeCo.Net is a leader in developing innovative, results-driven advertising campaigns. From the consistent exposure of your company, to creating a customized program specific to your needs, HedgeCo.Net can assist you in building brand awareness, generating leads and increasing recall. You'll finally have the ability to reach the most influential audience through target marketing, thus maximizing your impact in this niche-oriented hedge fund industry.

HedgeCo.Net Run-Of-Network
Through network placement, you have the ability to dominate some of the most valuable advertising space on HedgeCo.Net, one of the most trusted names in the hedge fund industry. With the Network Run-Of-Site, your company will derive success from our products and be able to view which specific placements work best for you. Along with many industry specific content pages, your message can appear on the following:

Homepage Sponsorship

Align your brand with one of the most recognized brands in the hedge fund industry, HedgeCo.Net. The HedgeCo.Net Homepage is the most trafficked page of the website with over 205,000 page views each month comprised by over 73,000 unique viewers.  The Homepage is where members and non-members go as a daily source for up-to-date hedge fund news and is a portal to the various sections of HedgeCo.Net. The homepage banners receive the highest click-through rate and traditionally perform better than any other banner placement on the HedgeCo.Net website

Hedge Fund Manager Only Pages
Sponsorship banners on these pages are the most sought after highly targeted advertising inventory in the hedge fund industry. There are only a few places both online or offline that you can target just hedge fund managers and this is one of them. These pages receive approximately 58,000 impressions per month and your banners will have 100% share of voice so your firm can’t be overlooked. Included with this sponsorship are the “Hedge Fund Manager Home Page”, “Manager Login Page”, “Manager Registration Page”, and a number of other pages restricted to just fund managers.

Accredited/Qualified Investor Pages
If the affluent hedge fund investor or institutional investor is your target audience then these internal pages on HedgeCo.Net will give you access to this audience of sophisticated investors. Each investor that has access to these pages must go through a rigorous online qualification process followed by a phone interview by one of our Series 7 experts.

Featured Articles and Breaking News

Premium editorial content and powerful investment tools above and beyond what is currently available online. In our featured articles section, hedge fund managers and other respected financial minds offer their insights through daily and weekly columns.