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NDVR, Inc.





Entry-Level, Experienced (non-Manager)

MA, United States of America

We are a group of scientists, technologists, and makers building a fintech startup with an insanely quantitative approach to investing. Our tight-knit team is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with a sizeable presence in Budapest, Hungary, and is spearheaded by a tech industry veteran CEO who has led multiple companies from foundation through IPO.

We are looking for a Financial Analyst who is a creative, critical thinker with impressive analytical, research, and project management skills to join our team.

As a Financial Analyst at NDVR, you will face a variety of research problems and be expected to untangle knotty issues and subject them to rigorous analysis.

You will be tasked with investigating core economic data, inflation statistics and tax codes as well as figuring out the real-world implications of various theoretical models.

What We’re Looking For

The ideal candidate will have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree and have 2+ years of experience.
Must have excellent analytical, research, and communication skills.





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