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Alex Thompson

HedgeCo Networks




Florida, United States of America

Founded in 2002, HedgeCo Networks is a preeminent provider to hedge fund industry focused on the emerging manager. We operate the world's most trafficked database for hedge fund information, offer capital introduction services through our broker/dealer, and provide fund administration and consulting services. With 27 employees split between our West Palm Beach and Midtown Manhattan offices, we are a growing firm with a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Our industry is rapidly changing, and we are constantly developing new product offerings to meet new demand.

Currently, we are searching for a full-time C#/.Net programmer to work with our development team. This individual would work directly with our Systems Engineer on integrating third-party trading technologies.

* Minimum: 2 years of software development experience in C#
* Proficient in .Net 4.0 & .Net Core APIs, no ASP.Net experience required
* Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design
* Proficient in asynchronous multi-threaded, real-time programming technique
* Ability to simplify complex problem spaces into elegant solutions
* Ability to work in a small and fast-paced environment
* Demonstrated experience with full software development life cycle w/ deployed applications utilizing the aforementioned technologies

Financial experience is a plus but not required. Most important is that you have a deep technical understanding of C#, low latency technology development.





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