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Job Title Location Date Posted
Agent to sell Cayman Hedgefund
Atlantic Multi Strategy Energy Fund
Grand Caymans, - Not Applicable (non-US) - Dec 7, 2013
Head of Business Development
Silverdale Capital Pte Ltd
Singapore, Singapore Nov 8, 2013
Real Estate Analyst
Fortress Investment Group LLC
New York, New York Aug 12, 2013
Senior Analyst
Three Ocean Partners
New York, New York Aug 6, 2013
Hedge Fund Manager
Atlantic Energy Fund
Cayman/BVI, Cayman/BVI Aug 1, 2013
Business Development Coordinator- Recruiting
New York, New York Jul 11, 2013
Tax Manager
Onewire Managed Services
New York, New York Jun 19, 2013
Senior Account Executive
Liquid Holdings Group
NYC,SF,Boston, NY,CA,MA Apr 24, 2013

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