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Liar Liar

I have been lying to clients for years – and now I am coming clean. Hi. My name is JD…and I am a liar. These are my colleagues – and they are liars, too. They are just too ashamed to admit it. Man, it feels good to get that off my chest! If this were one of those “little white” […]

Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon: A Monkey or A Black Swan?

100th Monkey Phenomenon: A Monkey or a Black Swan? Pj de Marigny, DITMo Strategies Director, GARP, S. California Chapter 23Oct2008, Newport Beach, CA. In the Ken Keyes, Jr book “Hundredth Monkey” (http://www.amazon.com/Hundredth-Monkey-Ken-Keyes-Jr/dp/094202401X)there exists a theory that ‘thoughts, views, and concerns are transmitted mind to mind.’ This Hundredth Monkey phenomenon may be used to predict trends in consumer products and is […]