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How Telegram is Positioning Itself to Tap into $530 Billion Funds Transfer Market

By David Drake Telegram, an instant messaging cloud-based app, is seeking to transform the way people interact and make payments. Through its proposed blockchain-backed Telegram Open Network – and in conjunction with its cryptocurrency, Gram – Telegram is set to become the first western chat app to offer payment services to users. In doing so, it has become China’s WeChat […]

Will Ether Survive the Cryptocurrency Crash and its Upcoming Hard Fork?

by David Drake The price of Ether plunged further today to trade at $975. This second largest cryptocurrency is not alone in the downward trend, the widespread cryptocurrency crash has affected almost all cryptocurrencies in the market. But this isn’t the only reason why Ether’s price is experiencing a sharp drop. The upcoming hard fork could also be affecting its value. Anton […]

Does Dogecoin Enjoy Sufficient Demand to Compete in the Crypto Market?

By David Drake Dogecoin made headlines this past weekend when its value hit the $2 billion mark briefly,  up from $24 million about a year go. At the time of writing this article, its market capitalization had dropped to $1.4 billion according to the CoinMarketCap. As a cryptocurrency that was developed as a joke, and not being updated for almost two […]

Cryptocurrency Players Welcome Crypto Regulation, Here’s Why

by David Drake Over the past few weeks, the government in South Korea has moved to regulate cryptocurrency trading in the country. The new rules, which take effect in about two weeks, has disallowed the creation of anonymous accounts by crypto exchanges. The regulations are aimed at improving taxation and enhancing investor protection through strict anti-money laundering and know-your-customer policies. […]

Can Dogecoin Compete with Leading Cryptocurrencies in the Coin Market?

By David Drake Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that was created as a joke back in 2013, has now passed the $2 billion mark in market capitalization. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that offer benefits like blockchain usefulness, practical application and transaction speeds, dogecoin seems to be an attempt to simply cash on cryptocurrency popularity. According to Shaun Dindial, the Managing Director at LDJ […]

2018 Is the Year for Cryptocurrency Regulation, Here’s Why

by David Drake For governments across the globe, discussions about cryptocurrencies have taken center stage as blockchain technology continues to revolutionize the way products and services are traded. Though most countries allow cryptocurrency use, they’re somewhat skeptical of them. In fact, some countries, like Bolivia and Ecuador,  have banned cryptocurrencies, declaring them illegal. National governments and central banks in most […]

What Does South Korea’s Regulation Mean for Crypto Exchanges?

by David Drake Following the announcement made last week by South Korea’s government, the country has set January 20, 2018 as the date when new cryptocurrency regulations take effect. In a move aimed at curbing speculative investing and improving safety in the coin market, the government will no longer allow players to hold anonymous accounts in crypto exchanges. “Anything that […]

Why Bitcoin Prices Will Remain at the Top in 2018

by David Drake After plunging to a low of $10,776  on December 22, 2017, Bitcoin is well on its way to recovery. As the year progresses, Shopin Founder, Eran Eyal notes that several factors are working in favor of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and price. “There are many initiatives pushing it forward and I believe it’s on a track to […]

Ether’s Outlook Remains Positive at the Start of 2018

By David Drake Ether, the third largest digital currency by market valuation, has started the year on a positive note, after experiencing ups and lows in the last weeks of December 2017. Ether’s price surpassed the $900 mark yesterday to trade at $914 before dropping to $886 today. Play2Live CEO and Founder, Alexey Burdyko says, “The Ethereum price was unexpectedly volatile […]

Why Ripple’s Technology Will Boost XRP’s Value in 2018

by David Drake In a world where it’s now possible to hold money in digital ledgers, Ripple’s place is unique. This is because unlike most cryptocurrencies, it does not take the place of banks. Rather, it’s designed to support banks in utilizing the evolving crypto technology, blockchain. During the first half of 2017, the price of Ripple XRP increased by […]